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Chrome wont display FlightAware.com correctly

Works ok on other computers using Chrome. Doesn’t work on new LT with Chrome. I assume that its a setting in Chrome settings but cannot seem to find the magic.

It isn’t just Chrome. Safari too.

I encountered this morning with Firefox. Yesterday Firefox displayed the site correctly.


Strangely, it’s working fine for me on Chrome, Edge and Safari. Could it be an issue with a particular internet provider?

It is mostly working now, some pages are still a little broken as shown above.

If I click on discussions from my stats page the resultant display looks like the one in the first post - formatted for a cell phone. If I go directly to discussions.flightaware.com the page displays the way it should.

If you get that it generally means that the CSS stylesheet failed to load.

There was a recent website outage which was probably what caused that (see https://twitter.com/FlightAwareOps - looks like the CDN had an out of date certificate). If you got a broken copy of the CSS you might need to shift-f5 to get it to reload.

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That fixed the issue.

Fixed for me too. Stay safe.

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