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life tracking down ?

I dont see any planes moving any more…
wel, in firefox empty, but in ie not moving at all…

e1.flightcdn.com/include/19e10bb97-flightpush.js:3905 Connected to flightpush1.flightaware.com:8080/
6fffa502f-buildnearby.js:3890 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘feat’ of undefined

so, there was a isue, wel it works in IE, but for some reasy my firefox screwed up on yesterday’s adobe flash update, hmpf…
ok, silly question.
How live is live?
if i compare planes in my area with dump1090 ,and tracker, i see a masive difrence in planes in my area.
So, is there a delay in output ?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re in the process of rolling out some upgrades to the maps to improve flight movement. This process will be completed in the coming weeks.

How “live” a flight is depends on how we process integrate different datasources for a flight (ADS-B, FAA, etc.). In general, there will be a short delay as compared to what you see in dump1090, since dump1090 is displaying your local “raw” data immediately.

true, but i noticed delays more a few seconds or minutes…

actualy, i have a sugestion.
is it posible for on the life tracker to set the planes a user feeds in a difrent color? would be a nice check to see if own feeded planes also been plotted.
flightaware.com/adsb/coverage i dont see me there…
nvr mind, …

I see your map on the site NE of Cologne so it looks ok.

Yes we intend to improve the maps so you can find your own flights.

ya. i am feeding, but location is 50KM or so off from where i live (near aachen border xD)