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Seeing some strange behaviour with the stats on My ADS-B page. It was initially showing all the flights as I am seeing in Dump1090. Clicked on one of the track log’s, came back and said my feeder was last seen 53 minutes ago and Recent flights with positions from this feeder on FlightAware.com only had 2 flights listed from 3600 seconds ago. Closed the window, opened up a new one, and went to My ADS-B page again and it showed the feeder was last seen 49 minutes ago and a few more “recent flights” were listed. Time is counting down, and the number of recent flights is increasing. Looks as if the data is catching itself back up, but was previously there.

As of this posting the timer is now showing Last Seen: Live - 18 minutes ago, and the most current “recent flights” are from 1100 seconds ago.

Everything is back live again.