Odd flight route - Departure and Arrival are the Same


I have written a program to display the results of a search of a particular aircraft over a particular range. (If interested see post thread: flightxml/flight-simmer-wanting-to-find-distance-flights-t15983.html )

It is mostly working as I had hoped. I say mostly because I have run into a few oddities. Some are programming bugs but others just seem like very strange results. I wish to pose this scenario to hear your opinion about it.

One of the results of a particular search provided this flight: flightaware.com/live/flight/CVF7 … /KLIT/KLIT

The flight both departs and arrives at the same airport, KLIT. A route is provided of “ARG TUL JAN LIT” and the track log shows a significant distance traveled (including what appears to be, mostly, proper altitude adjustments.

My question is, do you believe this to be a real flight that took place? A “joyride” so to speak? Possibly a check ride? Or is this an aberration of the FlightAware computer’s fantasy?

Thank you for looking and hoping to help clarify what i am seeing.


All recent flights by that ident (CVF7) look reasonable. There’s nothing technically wrong or suspicious with departing and arriving at the same airport. They might be training/currency flights, or test flights after maintenance.


Dassault has a major service and completions center in Little Rock. Every new Falcon bound for the U.S. comes to Little Rock “green”, and has the interior installed at the Completions Center there. They also complete all levels of maintenance and modification at the Service Center. It’s not unusual to see both long and short “round robin” flight here as operational checks are completed.