Mar 30th SWA Flight 924 LAS to MCI


DId this flight divert to TUL? The Listing I see at 5:48 PM CST on Thurs regarding this flight is confusing?


Looks like it did.


How would I know when this flight landed in TUL? It doesn’t show on the LAS-TUL log.


The flight SWA924 (KTUL/KMCI) shows an arrival at KMCI at 5:02 p.m. CST. However, there is a single post-arrival data point on the flight track at 5:10 p.m. CST. What this does is to place a plane on the map just north of KMCI and remove the KTUL/KMCI flight track from the map.

What’s the best interpretation of this last single point? A data error at ATC that shouldn’t be there at all? An erroneous initial arrival message that left some later valid data uncollected, followed by a correct final data point? A final pre-landing data point that was reported late and has in incorrect time stamp on it?

Any ideas?


It’s a FlightAware issue that we don’t show the diverted arrival. It’s a bug that we have fixed conceptually but haven’t implemented yet. I’ll nag Nugget about that one.


I’ll put $$$ on that it was diverted due to t-storms. It got pretty nasty in that area, as well as the Ada, OK area. The corporate jet for the company I work for actually filed their KADH-KTUL leg while they were in flight from their previous leg. They had to haul a$$ out of Ada because a tornadic storm was on its way to the Ada, OK area.