supposedly abnormal flight activity!


hey, evryone…i was on the other day and i was reading a discussion about aircrafts departing the same airport for the same destination airport only around 20 minutes apart and apparently this is not normal :open_mouth: …is that true about its abnormality? Because, here in Trinidad, BWIA’s and AA’s flights to KMIA from TTPP departs about 2 minutes apart…i.e. one departs then the other departs right behind it…any replies, comments, statistics…please send…thanx![/list]

 :confused: :confused:


I would say that two flights from the SAME airline would be unusual, but different airlines would not.

I would pretty much say that each airline has a right to depart their flights whenever they wanted to. ATC might not be happy about it if they are on the same routing because it would put them together for the entire trip, but different altitudes should fix that.


If there’s a delay at either end and it’s a regularly scheduled flight, it can happen. For example, routes like aus-iah or iah-ewr.