Flight Time

Is it possible for flights to take just 2 minutes (BOS to BED)?? I have another log for 3 minutes from PVD to FXE…how does this happen?



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Not sure how to give you links. But I have 2 logs that make no sense to me…1 is on 3/22 the aircraft went from White Plains, NY (HPN) to Fort Lauderdale, FL (FXE). There are 2 lines for this flight…4:23 pm DEP 7:45 ARR. This seems accurate. BUT there is also a 5:26 pm DEP and 5:30PM arrival for same flight. Strange.

Another flight on Mar 14 went from Boston Logan to Bedford, MA which I know is close in proximity but it says DEP 8:25 am, ARR 8:28 am and says 2 minutes for duration. There must be something I am missing in how Flight aware calculates time??

Sundials and an abacus. 8)

In all seriousness, things like this happen sometimes. I’m sure someone will come along and give a technical explanation soon.