Flight times

I know the flight times on here are take off to landing, but how does FA get that flight time? Reason I ask is cause I see a flight listed for 2:20 but looking on the website for the crew members, the flight plan is 2:12. I see other flights where FA says 56 mins but the flight plan is 47 mins. How does FA get the flight times listed?

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Is the crew member’s website converting decimal times reported by the crews? For example, does a crew report 2.2 hours and then the website converts it to 2:12?

Our crew site shows the flight plane time that dispatch put in. So flight time is 2hr 12 min, but FA shows 2hr 20min. The flight time BEFORE taking off should be based off the flight plan filed and that’s it, but it’s apparently not.

We don’t get the flight times until they’ve been digested by ETMS once. That may be why it doesn’t match filed.