Departure/Arrival times


Took a search and couldn’t find it, but how does FA get the ACTUAL departure and arrival times? The reason I ask is because I have compared some of the times from FA to actual flights with my airline, and the departure times are off by 1-2 minutes but the arrival times are off by 2-5 minutes.



Did you check the Questions/Answers section?


That link has this question: “Why do the departure and arrival times on a scheduled airline differ from the information on the airline’s web site?”

I am not talking about the airlines website. For example, on the crew website for American Eagle, we have out, off, on, in times (from our acars). Out of the gate, off the ground, on the ground, in the gate. For a flight, I may show the OFF time as 9:01am while flight aware shows it took off at 9:03am and landed at 10:41am, even though the employ website shows it landed at 10:38am. Our times are from our ACARS. Just curious as to why the TO and Landing times are different from our acars to your times on FA.



I understand your question now. Maybe it’s because of the way the FAA records the times?


Yeah maybe our clock on the ACARS is off comapred to the FAA’s.


Here’s a quick real life example: … /KOMA/KORD

FA Departure 9:32
FA Arrival 10:58am

Departure time according to ACARS 9:31am
Arrival time according to ACARS 10:55am


Usually from ETMS, sometimes from NAS if ETMS didn’t send us anything for that particular flight.