gate departure or take off


i have looked at several flights and checked their departure times and flight times and for some of them i have checked the departure time on the airline website and the departure time on flight aware and it has been 5 or 10 minutes after the departure time on the website so i assumed it would be the take off


That’s correct. The taxi time does not show. Dbaker or Mduell could better explain , but FA picks it up as they are beginning the flight plan portion of the flight so sometimes that time is after wheels up and after they are airborne.


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Why do the departure and arrival times on a scheduled airline differ from the information on the airline’s web site?
Airlines generally display the times that the aircraft departs and arrives from a gate. FlightAware presents the time that the aircraft departed and arrived, also known as the “wheels up” and “wheels down” times. At large airports or in various circumstances, there can be a significant difference in these times due to delays on the ground.