Departure/Arrival Times -- Gate vs. Runway


I’m noticing the data that comes down from the FlightInfo function gives the times the aircraft departed the runway, not necessarily the gate.

If you look at Delta flight 758 (DFW -> ATL) for today:

It shows the departure time at 7:38a. If you look on Delta’s web site, it shows departure was actually 7:02a, but it looks like they taxi’d or were delayed until 7:38a. It looks like the times the airlines publish are when they pushed back, not took off.

I went on, logged in and viewed the extended details to see the difference between runway and gate.

In the app I’m building, this difference will cause confusion (and e-mails to me). Is there another function or way to get the time of the push back? I need it to coincide with what the airlines are publishing on their web sites.


All flight times are wheels-up time, not gate time, as clearly explained in t he questions/answers link at the top right of each page in FlightAware.


For gate times you’ll have to contact the airlines or perhaps one of the computer reservations systems (Amadeus, SABRE, Galileo, Worldspan, etc) may have that information.


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