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Differences in departure and arrival time of around 2-5 minutes than time shown in FlightAware website

Hi, I am getting time difference in flight’s departure and arrival time (result of web service) than the data shown in FlightAware flight search

. I am comparing ActualTimeArrived of flight in attached screenshot, you may see 4 minutes difference.It is mostly of 2 to 5 minutes. Please suggest, what can be the fix for it ?


The website will use the gate departure and arrival times, when available, in the progress bar. The info box to the right of the progress bar will will detail all the time types.

FlightXML FlightInfo and FlightInfoEx will only present the what is labeled as Takeoff and Landing times on the web. For other endpoints, unless otherwise noted in the documentation, all times are runway times.

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Thanks for quick reply. I appreciate.