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Data Accuracy


I’m using FlightXML2/FlightInfoEx to check the data for Flight VJC 372. The returned results on 13 July was : -
“filed_departuretime”: 1594628400 .
We using the returned “actualdeparturetime” : 1594635146
actualdeparturetime - filed_departuretime = 112 minutes.

BUT, the record for scheduled departure is not accuracy. as u can see from screen

the delay is 122 minutes.

We feel the data is no accuracy between API and screen data. i can provide more inaccuracy case if you need.

Please explain why is this happen.

Keep in mind that there are timestamps involving “gate” departure times and “runway” takeoff times. FlightInfoEx only exposes runway times. The difference between the gate time and the runway time is considered the “taxi” time, and is the nature of the 10 minutes difference between the two computations.

We are talking about filed Scheduled departure time.
filed_departuretime : July 13, 2020 3:20:00 PM [GMT+07:00]

Flight Aware Web UI :-
Scheduled 03:10PM +07 : (SEE THE ATTACHED PHOTO)

The “filed_departuretime” field returned by FlightXML refers to the runway time, which matches what you have posted. 3:20PM

Similarly, “actualdeparturetime” and “actualarrivaltime” both refer to runway times as well.