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Required flight's scheduled and actual departure information


As per my app’s requirement , I need to find the difference between scheduled and actual departure time of the given flight.

Based on this difference, some important parameters are set in the app.

Is there a way to find this in the API?


Just compare the difference between the “filed_departuretime” and the “actualdeparturetime” returned by FlightInfoEx. The filed time is the originally scheduled time.


But the ActualDeparturetime is set only after the flight has departed.

Need some way to find the difference between actual and scheduled departure times way before the flight departs.

By definition, “actual” times cannot be known until they actually happen. Until it actually happens, you can only possibly have the scheduled and the estimated times.

If you are asking about “estimated departure time”, that value is not currently available through FlightXML but it will be in the next version of our API in a few weeks.