Departure/Arrival Times vs. Gate to Gate

Are departure times when the aircraft leaves the runway? Are arrival times when the aircraft touches down on the destination runway? I noticed that flights between Tampa and Palm Beach average about 30 minutes, what would be a typical gate to gate time? When I fly these flights in flight simulator I am really hard pressed to do a gate to gate of less than 50 minutes.

I like flying “as real as it gets.” :smiley:


PER THE QUESTIONS/ANSWERS SECTION, easily accessible by everyone by clicking on the link at the right top side of every page in FlightAware:

**Why do the departure and arrival times on a scheduled airline differ from the information on the airline’s web site? **
Airlines generally display the times that the aircraft departs and arrives from a gate. FlightAware presents the time that the aircraft departed and arrived, also known as the “wheels up” and “wheels down” times. At large airports or in various circumstances, there can be a significant difference in these times due to delays on the ground.

Flight time, as defined by the FAA, begins when the aircraft starts to move and ends when it stops moving.