Odd flight departing SJC tonight, 5pm Pacific


I saw what I believe to be two planes taking off at the same time off the same or parallel runways from SJC tonight at approximately 5pm localtime. I believe they were military fighters given how close they were flying, etc.

I don’t see them on the flight tracker, are all flights tracked?


Military flights are not shown here.


Any way to track them? Especially from regular civil airports?


Ya! red1radar.com/buy.html Got $900 and a will to track Uncle Sam? :wink:

Edit: OOOOOPS! Sorry. I meant to say Got, not God.


SJC is one of the airports tracked by passur.com. If you can nail down the time a little better you can replay the data for up to 80 miles from SJC and see if you can identify them.