Aeronave no flightradar24 não aparece no FlightAware

Olá, gostaria de sanar uma dúvida,
Aeronave NORSE28 - Boeing E-3C Sentry, registro 80-0139 que sobrevoou nas proximidades de GGE/KGGE em 05/01/2022 22:15 UTC não apareceu e não foi localizada no FlightAware.
Alguém sabe o motivo. Ainda não posso postar imagem aqui…mas talvez possam me informar. Obrigado

Hello, I would like to solve a doubt,
Aircraft NORSE28 - Boeing E-3C Sentry, registration 80-0139 that flew in the vicinity of GGE/KGGE on 05/01/2022 22:15 UTC did not appear and could not be located in FlightAware.
Does anyone know why. I still can’t post an image here…but maybe you can let me know. Thanks

FlightAware does not track military aircraft.

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Ok, friend, I thought this was it, but if in doubt, better ask, I’m new here…thanks

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It is a military aircraft and it may be on a blocked list and therefore its information is not published by Flightaware.

ADSBexchange does not abide by the block list and you can track that aircraft on their site when it is in the air.


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ok, I’m accessing here, thanks…

Mr. LawrenceHill, I believe that some military aircraft are traceable, see this follow-up today…thank you…

Looks like the USAF did not place that one on the block list
It seems to be being tracked by all the sites.

Parece que a USAF não colocou esse na lista de bloqueio
Parece estar sendo rastreado por todos os sites.

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