Odd behavior since upgrade to 3.1.0

I use a serial connection (115200 baud) to connect to my pi for a console to look at logs and such. For this purpose, I use ptty v0.66.

Sometimes, but not always, when I go to shutdown the connection and “exit” the console, something happens on the system and can’t predict when it will happen.

Sometimes all is fine, and it exits like it should, presenting me with an option to log in again. However, on other occasions, I see the system go into a long pause, and I know something happened, and my pi (raspberry pi 2) will reboot and start up again just fine.

When I exit the console, I always do it the same way. I enter “exit” at a “$” prompt for the user “pi” and hit the “Enter” key.

Any ideas on what to look for, or why this might happen randomly would be appreciated.


What does syslog say?

I searched the syslog, and was unable to locate any errors prior to the reboot

I can’t help you here if you don’t provide the actual log, not a summary.