Raspberry pi 2 randomly stopping

Anybody have any ideas why a perfect functioning Raspberry PI 2 with FA 3.5.1 would randomly just stop processing? CPU stall or total stop. Random anywhere up to 9 hours but guaranteed in that time frame.

Logs show nothing notable.

I understand several items could be the culprit but before I start swapping and troubleshooting, just thought I would ask the question.

Many thanks!

Power supply is the most likely cause.

In most such cases, “gone bad” power supply is the cause. I had similar failures of my Pi2 last year. Original power supply worked OK for one and half years, then started giving problem. When I replaced it with a new power supply (3Amps) all became normal.

I will start there… Thermal breakdown…

I appreciate your comment!

How do you connect to it? If via SSH can you connect when it is playing up?

If you can connect then check temp of CPU with following command;

/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp



It’s not the power supply or the Pi… I completely switched to new units and same behavior… It’s not the Flightaware dongle as that has been changed…

Only two items left are the Cana kit wireless adapter… Or… SD card

It’s almost like a a kernel panic… Stalls the CPU…

It’s not writing anything to the logs either.

Oh well onwards!

Thank you for your help however!

Sdcard is the second most likely thing after power issues, though usually it wouldn’t manifest as a complete freeze.

Do you have a monitor you can hook up to the Pi’s HDMI port to see if you get a panic or anything logged to console when it freezes?

Yes… Image freezes… Complete stall…

Cursor of course quits flashing.

No keyboard interaction although power is still present…

Hard reboot is required to restart…

And thank you for your help on the SDcard. I would not think that as well…

Onwards… Lol

Well I decided to quit being overly analytical. I checked the SD card. 64gb card reading 128mb in several machines… Linux wouldn’t let it be touched…

Finally used DISKPART command line to destroy everything and recreate the default partition and successfully reformatted to proper indices size.

Will advise…