Obscene aircraft callsign WARNING: contains "language"


This afternoon I saw an aircraft callsign DICKLUVR. I swear it’s true. I wasn’t quick enough to grab a screenshot, because first I clicked on it to see what FlightAware said about it. There was nothing in the database. When I went back to my coverage map, the plane had fallen off the radar. Anyone else see this callsign? It was over North Carolina about mabye 1500 EST. After thinking about it, I thought maybe somebody sabotaged the ADS-B info for a joke on the pilot.


May have just been a fan of the second-hearted former VP under Bush II. That still might be an obscenity to some.


Sounds like a military aircraft to me :wink:


I didn’t see that one, but I have seen other very odd ones in our area.


Exactly what I was thinking. I was an air crewman in the Navy and I know those guys love to prank. On my first launch off the catapult in an EA-3B (USS Ranger) the pilot warned the crew to secure everything. Anything loose could become and deadly projectile. So imagine my surprise to see something flying at my face when we launched! The pilot had put a styrofoam cup of water on the center console so it would fly at me. I was shocked, but it was funny. Anyway, I could see some jet jockey pranking on a newbie pilot with the DICKLUVR call sign!


Me too. There are lots of military planes between Seymore Johnson AFB, Fort Bragg and Cherry Point MCAS. I love it when I’m in the yard and a pair of V-22 Ospreys fly over at just a few hundred feet. Now that I’m monitoring ADS-B I see their callsigns (THUG (C-17), etc). I tune in KRDU tower and hear them talking to the ATC. Lots of fun. :smiley:


Everyone got that one and I did it to many a noob myself.

(former VQ-1 EA-3B A/C)


VQ-1 Atsugi. I was a CT based at Misawa AB.


Multiple receivers picked up this ident. We mapped it to the correct airline flight # and tail number, so that call sign didn’t show up on the site.


It was a commercial airliner?


Yeah and for the sake of everyone involved I think we should probably just drop it.


I’ll bet someone went to the woodshed…


“You can do anything you want on your last day at work.”