Aircraft at 100,000 ft?


A few days ago I noticed a plane on my PiAware map at 100,000 ft. Could that be right? It disappeared before I could look closely at the data or save it. The plane was off the south Massachusetts coast.



It’ll be a reception error.


Thanks, yeah seemed awfully high.


Tonight all of a sudden up popped an MLAT at 108,000 feet, no sooner did I attempt to take a screen shot
it disappeared.

Then a few hours later, an ID of 000000 showed up squawking 7250 which I believe is a military code.

I’m guessing the 108,000 was a balloon or RadioSonde and that the 000000 was a military aircraft that did not want to give any ID?


Yea I get a ton of 000000 IDs. Naval Air Station Jacksonville and Mayport are nearby, and for some reason, Tampa sends Tankers to fly in circles about 100 nm off the coast. Makes from some interesting fight tracks. I follow the 000000 into one of the bases here usually. The occasional C17 @ 23000ft just flys by tho…