Not another one... :roll:


Yes… I want to become a pilot. But flying for a major airline has never appealed to me. I always wanted to fly private jets. So my first question is, not how much it cost… but rather what route did you take and/or what route would you take if you were me to get there (mainly stop at commercial/go for ATPL). Then, how much did it cost you pay and/or how much would I expect to pay? Everything included… everything you could think of… ( minus “Street walkers” :stuck_out_tongue: .

I’ll then add on the cost of the billions of hours I want to log and the visa fees.



I don’t know much about flights schools, but ATP might be a good option. Corporate looks like it would be fun; I wonder if you need connections to get in.


Don’t have any connections with any corporate companies… closest I get is My dad… he was ATC, Airport Manager and is now CAA… and one of my (cousins I think, havent seen him in a while) owns one of the 2 main local airlines and one of the two FBOs and My dad knows the guy who owns the other FBO and the other main airline… not sure how far I can run with that…


A typical path to Corporate jets is:

Part-time Instructor->Light Cargo/Light Charter (Caravan, Cessna 402, Piper Seneca, etc.)->Corporate jet

Working Light twin cargo or charter gives you valuable hours in IFR conditions flying on a schedule


I’m guessing, though, If I get an oppertunity to go straight to Light Cargo/Light Charter, however rare that may be… I should take it…

Hmm, I guess I’d need a green card or something… I want some challenging weather occasionally but the weather here is too good most of the time!

I guess that I guess too much!


Once you get your Commercial/Multi/Instrument fly anything you can. Even before that, cost permitting. The Corporate world tends to look at pilots with varied experience whether it is instructor, charter, cargo, sightseeing, hauling skydivers, etc. I suggest doing instruction for a year or so, then move into one of the other time building jobs. There are FedEx/UPS contract cargo operations all over the world, you don’t have to be in the US. Unless you know somebody you are not likely to get into the right seat of a jet without 1500 hours and some “real world” night, and IFR experience. Flying night freight by yourself in a Seneca or Navajo is great experience but don’t forget Corporate operations also want some sort of passenger experience so eventually you will need to get a job with a local charter company that flies some passenger aircraft.

Good Luck.


Thanks much. I can think of a local charter airline i could get with IF they need pilots… I have an advantage of being in a British Overseas Territory, that allows me to obtain a EU passport, which I assume would allow me to live/work in any EU member state.

I think I have to choose between the local passport and the British one, but on 21st May 2002, anyone Overseas Territory Citizen who was not a British Citizen before automatically became one, which means I can just move/work in the UK.

Though the U.S. Is more attractive because its closer to home, and, well, I don’t like the idea of seeing my money split in half when I exchange it…