Northeast Corridor

For all you east coast guys (and Dami):
Do you perfer Amtrak Acela or the air shuttles (going between Philly, New York, Boston, and DC)?

Did you mean NorthEAST corrider? :wink:

USA Shuttle

I did the “cattle call for an MD80” once; never again.

(DC to NYC) I drive. It’s cheaper (I have to bring the family along), less hassle, and all things considered it’s FASTER!

Metroliner/Acela between any two neighboring stops, e.g. PHL-NYC, NYC-BOS, PHL-WAS. If I were going DC to BOS there’s no way I’d even consider taking the train.

That being said, 99% of the time we’re heading to NYC or DC we drive and, portal to portal, make much better overall time than the train.

Boston means taking a flight unless we can think of several places we absolutely have to stop at enroute which would necessitate taking the car. (Wife’s off to Boston tomorrow via air!)

I’m not voting because I’m not on the east coast. If I was to take a vacation to DC and NYC, I would like to try the train.

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Clarification: Take the train between DC and NYC.

comprende :smiley:. As for the smilies (or frownies/maddies?), they didn’t like the nit pickyness.

I voted for Acela, since 90% of my corridor trips are BOS-NYP. The aggrivation of getting to Logan and then getting into town from Laguardia negates any time advantage of flying (my office is about 3 blocks from South Station).

If I’m going to Philly it’s a toss up based on when I need to be there. The train is more comfortable and much less of a hassle, but obviously takes much longer.

If I’m going to DC I fly the US shuttle, DAL is a pain. Amtrak used to have an overnight train that was convenient and a lot of fun… but it doesn’t have sleeping car service anymore and I’m not sitting up all night in coach. So the plane it is.

If I’m going to DC I fly the US shuttle,

USA Shuttle

I did the “cattle call for an MD80” once; never again.

What sets the US Shuttle apart from DL, besides the cattle call? I mean, the DL shuttle has a larger seat pitch, and leather seats. Of course, I haven’t flown neither.

I agree, but I just HATE the drive up I95 or I84/I90 to Beantown. I cross the GWB heading north into NE and it’s as if I’ve gone feet dry and entered enemy airspace!

Don’t know why, and I was like that while eldest daughter was at UNH, younger daughter was at URI and James was at UMASS Amherst.

Completely opposite emotions heading south to BAL or DC. As I said earlier, when heading to BOS, unless there is some pressing necessity to drive, we fly.

Seat width, overhead bin size, cabin noise, free standby on earlier flights, Star Alliance credit/lounge, and first class upgrades.

I don’t find the aircraft interiors compelling either way. I prefer US because I find at BOS there is rarely, if ever, a line at US Airways for check in or securiy. (They have that side of terminal B more or less to themselves.) Also their Boston staff has their act together much more than DL. I’ve had numerous bad experiences with DL employees screwing up ticketing, luggage, everything you can think of – and giving me attitude on top of it.

Plus of course the star alliance miles :wink:

Delta if I am only going for a day or 2. Otherwise I fly from Manchester, NH. Especially to DC with flights into BWI, Dulles, and Regan. I do like the walk up and get on feature of the Shuttle.

I think it’s just a rumor, but are Delta/US looking to cut/decrease shuttle service? Apparently not enough seats are being filled.

That’s just what I heard