North American Jet Charter shuts down (FA mentioned!)


Sites the usual; costs up, business down.
3 Lears and a Citation parked and almost everybody on administrative leave.


Suzanne Sommers and Steven Seagal are not exactly the type of celeb’s I would be bragging about :unamused: She may have been better off saying they have had celebrity clients and leave it at that.


In Toronto, we just had Canadian Global go bankrupt two weeks ago.
They had five Lear 35’s, which is almost a quarter of the Lear 30’s in Canada.

Another corporate company in Toronto with four jets, had one flight last week, two one hour legs - and that was it for the week. I don’t even want to guess what the payments on 4 jets are - especially without much of an income.

Currently 8 percent of all the corporate jets in Canada are actively listed for sale.


Good- for my company anyways we’re in the market for another -35


Contact Info for Canadian Global Air Ambulance’s Trustee overseeing sale of Assets.


Photo C-FBFP Lear 35-038
Photo C-FICU Lear 35A-249
Photo C-GAJS Lear 35A-380
Photo C-GDJH Lear 35A-353
Photo C-GIWO Lear 35A-407


BLAH- none of the serial numbers are over 500.


Controller website have serial numbers 596, 610, 650, 651, and 654 for sale.


Yeah- we’ve been looking. the one from Aero toy store with the EFIS is nice but they want $3.8 million for it. COME ON ITS A LEAR!

We’re looking in the $1.8 million range with the cargo door.

But thanks for the heads up



S/N 620

S/N 671

S/N 616


Note; of Lear 35 s/n 500 to final Lear 35 built s/n 676.

s/n 637, and 666 were not built.

United States Air Force have 20 in Storage.
United States Air Force have 56 in active service.

Brazilian Air Force have 12 in active service.
Chinese Air Force have 3 in active service.
Thai Air Force have 1 in service.

Argentina registered; 2
Australia; 3
Austria; 1
Brazil; 4
Canada; 3 (including 2 Walmart)
Germany; 5
Luxembourg; 2
Mexico; 1
New Zealand; 1
South Africa; 1
USA; 51

N10BD (506) is on display at Denver Intl. Airport
United States Air Force have destroyed 4 in crashes.
G-MURI (646)with F-1 driver David Coulthard destroyed in crash.
B-98181 China (675) shot down!, by accident, while target towing.
40208 Thai Air Force (635) crashed.
N135PT (509) crash on approach Groton CT.


Lowest priced Lear 35A owners want it gone, needs updating - asking 975K.


Details has the 36" door.

Blah - certainly older, needs work, same owner last five years . . .