Shell Canada welcomes brand new Embraer 170-200LR


Shell Canada, based out of Calgary, took delivery of their brand new VIP Embraer 170-200LR. Aircraft was registered Oct. 16/08.

Very respectful of Shell to take Canada’s Tar Sands oil profits, and buy from Bombardier’s main competition!!!

This is only the 2nd VIP ERJ-170, the other is 5A-SOC of Sirte Oil in Libya.

photo credit, Dave (wee_in_yyc’s_photostream) Flickr.


Don’t buy their fuel.


Actually, I worked for a Shell Aero Center ‘years’ ago, and ran my 340 Cuda on Avgas for free for 3 years!!! Thanks Shell . . .

We also had afew late night parties in the Shell International Gulfstream II G-BSAL.

My best Shell Canada story, at the time Shell was based in our hangar in Toronto. They flew the CEO of Shell out to Edmonton. The flight Crew and the CEO were all staying in the same hotel.

They had an early morning departure back to Toronto, and both crew were drinking into the late hours in a local bar. When they got back to the hotel, they were sneaking up the stairs to their room, instead of the public elevators.

On the way up the stairs, they ran into the Shell CEO sneaking down the stairs with a hooker!!

It was a very quite ride home . . .

My local FBO; Millionaire YKZ has BP. I don’t know about today, but all the Shell Aviation fuel in Canada, actually came from BP.


Resurrecting a five year old thread…Shell Canada’s flight department just shut down. They have apparently contracted their flight operations to charter company, Flair.

I assume the their EMB-170 as well as their Dornier 328, both used to shuttle workers up to the Alberta oil sands, will be up for sale soon.