Lear 25D blows mains aborting take-off in El Paso . . .

Fortunately for the Mexican Lear 25D XB-MYG, they were able to get it stopped with a thousand feet of pavement left.

Must have been quite an effort to get it stopped to blow all mains?

FAA Preliminary

El Paso News

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Very similar to the lear crash in Columbia with Travis Barker and DJ AM this past September. Thank God this one ended differently…

Not at all I promise you that they tried to take off with the parking break set

Hmm - you think so? Possible, I guess - and you definitely know more about the subject at hand than I, so I’ll have to think about that one. I don’t think NTSB has issued a complete report on that yet, but I’m interested to see how that plays out. I never understood why they tried to get that jet stopped when the smart thing would have been to take off, burn some fuel and think about blown tires later, but I guess when you’re in that situation you don’t have much time to make those decisions. Anyhow, I’ve been really pissed off regarding both Barker and that DJ filing lawsuits against the estate’s of both pilots - why are mulitmillionaires concerned with getting any money from the families of people that died trying stop that jet and save them? I guess if what you’re saying is correct and the actions of those pilots actually caused the jet to crash and they had much more than a second or two to realize their fault in the accident, a lawsuit is (slightly) more warranted. I’d like to think that you’re wrong and that carelessness and disregard didn’t cause 4 people to lose their lives, but sadly, stranger things have happened…

No surprise, they were injured through no fault of their own.

Everyone gets named in the lawsuit.

I’m 99.999% sure they took off with the parking brake set. I’ve seen this happen before.

Like I said earlier, if they did leave the brake set and it happened because of their negligence, then I can understand a lawsuit. This is the first time I’ve heard of, or thought about the brake being set during takeoff - prior to that, I thought it was just a unfortunately timed blowout. If it turns out that it was just a blowout, I cannot see suing the estate of someone in a situation like that. Maybe I’m just not a litigious person (I’m engaged to an attorney, so I get more than my fair share of courtroom stories), but it seems low-class, shallow and greedy. That would be like suing the estate of someone who was killed in an accident driving a car that I was a passenger in - because of a tire blowout (firestone etc). I’ve seem karma happen too many times to people like that…

Wouldn’t the plane feel “draggy” taxiing to the end of the runway or would it have been possible set before take off for some reason?

Don’t ask how I know this from my own experiences :blush: as I look down to set my parking brake at the runup area to see it’s still set and answering my own question why did it take more power to move from tie down.

Pass the checklist to me please :stuck_out_tongue:

ASN Report this is an old accident report of the Kellogs Falcon 10 that attempted a departure out of Meigs in the middle of the winter, and ended up in Lake Michigan with tragic results.

At the time I worked for Innotech in Toronto, and knew most of the Kellogs crew of their Falcons - N243K FA20 and N253K FA10, as they were regular visitors at YYZ.

Nice Allen! I haven’t had that happen yet, but I can definitely see how it could. I was trying to explain to my girlfriend yesterday the importance of reading the checklists every single time - there was a C-17 from CHS that made a gear up landing in Afghanistan a while back (that’s a big “oops”) and if they can make that mistake, anyone can! Complacency causes accidents - I’ll have to show her this forum to reiterate what I was trying to tell her. I’m reminded of when I first got my drivers license and drove my mom’s brand new Chevy Lumina all the way to school (about 10 miles) with the e-brake on. Only once I got to school and a buddy pointed out the black smoke rolling out from behind the rear wheels did I realize what I had done.

We’ve posted this before, but here is what the horn sounds like when you fail to put your gear down, Video.

Besides forgeting the gear, he came in a little steep, no?

It’s on the brfore taxi checklist but the runway line-up check list doesn’t have it. so if you set the break while waiting to take the runway you can taxi with it on. YES the airplane feels different, but lear pilots have still managed to try and takeoff with the brake on.
The tires heat up and blow a fuse-able plugs that let the air out of the tires rather then letting them catch fire.

I think the wheel of the plane got hole…So the plane got draggy…

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