Normal Message Rate?

I was curious what other people are getting for message rates?

Are you looking at the Skyaware Anywhere page? That shows only the message rate at which updates are being made to Flightaware, not the rate your receiver is getting. You need to look at the page directly on your feeder to see what the receiver is doing.(http://yourpisipaddress/skyaware).

How many messages you get will vary a lot depending on your location. In Europe you would expect to see a lot more messages (though not necessarily more positions) due to differences in ATC radar interrogations. If you want to get a longer term view, I’d suggest installing graphs1090, which will record message rates among other stats.

Ahhh, duh. As soon as I read your reply I realized what I’d done…oops.

I’m getting ready to jump into the graphs1090 world, it looks super cool.

It’s really a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question.
The best answer you can get is to look at your nearest sites and see how others are performing.

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