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Flightaware SkyAware Page low messages per second

I have a Flightaware Pro Stick along with a Flightaware antenna in my attic. I’m using a 15 meter RG58 cable to connect my dongle to the antenna. On the FlightAware page I’m currently tracking 83 aircraft 67 with locations at 12.3/sec. but when I view the messages on my 1090Graph page on my Pi it says I’m up around 120 messages per second. Also on the stats page I’m close to other trackers in my area. Is the messages per sec on the Flightaware valid or could it be my cable length? I’m new to this so just trying to understand ways to make my station better.

You cannot compare the two pages, it would require a realtime connection while the data is uploaded only every few minutes to the FA page.

If you would feed e.g. to opensky-network.org, then you would have a similar message rate displayed there.

No worries, everything is working well :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. On my Opensky page the meter is at 100


Assuming you’re talking about SkyAware Anywhere, the message rate there shows (essentially) the rate of summarized reports uploaded by piaware and it’s not comparable to what you hear directly on your local receiver. Probably, that field should be renamed or removed.


Yes, then it is working properly.

The rate on opensky is a bit lower or “behind” your realtime view, but pretty close to it.
As @obj stated, the rate on the Skyaware page itself is just a summary and cannot be compared

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