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Jetvision Air Squitter Problem?

I know a few of you have an Air Squitter, so wondered if you had experienced what I’m experiencing?

When I look at my FA page, most the aircraft trails are dotted and my message rate is only around 7/sec.

Any clues :thinking:

That’s not an AirSquitter issue.

The message rate is not accurate as you do not have a realtime connection between your receiver and Flightaware.
The page only gives you the ability to make data from your receiver visible without having local access. It’s not the same realtime view as you have it on the local interface

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Many thanks Mr Fox :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

The dotted lines seem perfectly normal.
Inherent issue with the low update rate and the skyaware code i’d assume (needs adjusting for that lower update rate in regards to the stale timeout).

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Mine looks similar. Lots of dotted tracks and a very low message rate:

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Thanks for clearing this up guys! Thought I had a dodgy Squitter for a moment :laughing: :+1:

I would be concerned only if these dotted lines appear on the local AirSquitter interface

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In theory the piaware report frequency should increase when you’re viewing Skyaware Anywhere, to avoid this problem - let me check if something broke there.

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I left the screen open for 10 Minutes, but the message rate did not change, it was at around 4-5 messages / second.
Some tracks were covered better, some less

@PhilDoggo @foxhunter We fixed an issue on the backend that handles increase of message reporting. Reopen your browser and let me know if it helps.


Message rate doubled to 9-11 Messages, tracks are now like that (changed to black to make them more visible)

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Thanks @eric1tran - I’ve not noticed any real difference, but I’m getting 10 messages per second now, which is a slight improvement. My map is looking very similar to @foxhunter above.