Low data sent to flightaware


I have a question regarding data sent to flight aware. Why is it that on local host, I am receiving up to 1,000/msg per second but on Skyaware anywhere and stats page, flightaware isn’t receiving nearly as much data from my receiver. Is there a fix or is this normal? Thanks!

Ex: Flightaware only shows like 10msg/s on skyaware anywhere but on local skyaware, I am getting 1,000msg/s.

The sampling rate for your local view is higher then the rate for the Skyanywhere view.
It’s normal to have a higher rate in the local view.
The message rate in your local view is not the number of positions transmitted to Flightaware.
One position can span mulitple messages so that’s a different number then the number of postions and the number of aircraft sent to flightaware.
The stats page shows how many postions and aicraft are sent every hour.

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