Nooelectronics SDR drivers


I am setting up my Raspberry Pi receiver and the SDR does not seem to be working. The blue light is always on. Are the drivers for it included in Piaware. If not can someone please give me the command prompts to load the drivers.

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It’s normal for the blue light to be solidly on.

Are you using the prebuilt sdcard image, or installing the piaware packages onto a preexisting system?


Thanks. I thought I saw a prior thread that said it should not always be on.

I loaded software onto my new SD card.

When it boots up everything looks happy… except I get one warning that says " kernel lacks cgroups or memory controller not available. not starting cgroups. "



Did you complete the setup including claiming your receiver?


I think that I did. I look at your statistics page and it shows my receiver shows no activity. If it adds a helpful clue, I only see the DOS information. It never switches to any map display.


To view map:

](http://):8080 will get the feed from dump1090 on your RPi.

Do this from the RPi or another computer in the LAN. Or you can click the link on your stats page that reads “Web interface: view live data (requires local network connection)”.