No Such ADS-B site


Hi All

I was a contributor some months ago but had to stop, I have got set up again and want to start contributing again.

When I log in to my account on FA and check claim site it says great news your account is associated with the following piaware receivers and it lists my old receiver and my new one.

but when I click on stats it says no such ADS-B site

If I check my site in the list of unclaimed it is there with a number not my user name so I know FA is receiving data from my site but for some reason wont show the stats even though it says its associated with my account.

any ideas?

Cheers Mark




Since your Stats page is not showing yet, use the old Unique ID from FA “Claim” site, listed under “Linked PiAware Receivers (GM1004SWL)”.



Thanks for the info…worked perfectly I am now up and running again.

Cheers Mark