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No stat

hi i m actif since some day but no personal stat


eror message is

No Such ADS-B Site

Hello f4hhl
Forget this. I misunderstood.

so just send a new request work now

A good start. Well done.
If you set your location on the map by clicking on the “cog” or “gear wheel” MLAT should then work too.

Just valid my position malt off at this time

I just saw that.
It should synchronise shortly.

txs for help humpfrey

You are welcome, but I didn’t actually do anything!

Your location needs to be set as accurately as possible for MLAT to synchronise.
Antenna height is not so critical, but it helps.
If you don’t wish to advertise your location, there is an option to set the position displayed
on the map to be within 1km or 10km of your true location. This does not effect MLAT.

Stats are up and running since a few days. What’s your problem, mate?

The original poster’s problem was that he couldn’t see his statistics and got something like “This feed does not exist”, or some such thing.
It works now, but I don’t believe MLAT is correctly configured, with respect to location, or I suppose the PSU could be underrated.

ah got it, misunderstood. Sorry