MLAT. Not enabling


Hi… I’m very new to this so please be kind to me lol… I’ve noticed my MLAT is disabled,tried to enable it but keeps saying that my location or source clock is unreliable or something along those lines… how would I get this to work if possible please… thank you


Check your location is configured correctly.
If you have a long USB cable or an active USB cable between the Pi and the dongle, try removing or replacing it.


Hi… I don’t have a usb cable. Dongle straight into the pi… I think it’s the location that’s not right… can’t seem to find where I input it


Looks like you found it but for the record: go to your stats page (, select the gear on the right side of the orange bar, select “configure location”, drag the blue marker to the right place, select Next


Yes found it now… thank you for you help