No KDAL (Dallas Love Field) to KFDK (Frederick Municipal)

The nurse from the Dallas area who was the first to contract ebola in the United States is being flown from Dallas Love Field to Frederick Municipal (my local general aviation airport), but there is no data on the flight.

The media photos of the pickup and takeoff from Dallas appear to be of N173PA but they are from video grabs at a distance so the tail number can’t be made out, but it is certainly a Gulfstream 3 with a unique look. I’ve followed this plane to and from several interesting places over the years.

It’s last flight was to Hawaii.

Is it normal to get from Lihue to Dallas to Frederick Maryland and not show up?

Other experts may chime in but here’s my $0.02

They may have flown with a military call sign (or some other) that is not tracked/blocked. They probably wanted to avoid making this an even bigger media circus than it already is.

N173PA is one of the Phoenix Air planes used for missions like this. So the tail number is probably correct.

More info on N173PA from other ebola evacuations. … 1614420685

After posing that, I listened to the ATC and it sounds like they used “Baxter 15” or “Factor 15” or “Actor 15” as the call sign. Somebody please help me if you know the proper one. Thanks.