Hi every body, I live in Carrollton, Texas very near the new home of FIFI. Today Fifi flow over my house twice but, i was unable to capture any photos of her. Tomorrow is by B-day and I know she will leave for a show sometime on Thursday or Friday. I really want to take some photo’s of her flying so I was wondering what her tail number is and an identification number so i could track her departure.

from there website her listed tail number is N529B, but when she flew over my house i looked on the site under that tail number and their were no flights listed.

Thanks guys for your help.



I think the reason why it’s not showing up is because an IFR flight plan was not filed (the flight was likely VFR).


That’s what I was thinking too. There next airshow is this weekend in Alabama so i would think they would file a flight plan across two Three states.
What is the normal time frame that they would file a flight plan before they take off?


I don’t think there’s a “normal” time frame. When I was tracking U2 when they were on tour last year, in some cases the plan was filed VERY shortly before takeoff. You can put an alert on your flightaware account to email you when one is posted for that aircraft.