Tracking N183PA - airports?

Been watching N183PA for a while:

Curious as to its airport usage and if anyone knows, its mission?
(K)EDF likely Elmendorf, Alaska but shouldnt it be PAED?
KSYF returns Cheyenne County Muni airport Kansas which I think is a small GA strip?
Is it used like the Phoenix Air a/c (Lears/G1’s) for military tasking?


I don’t see the aircraft flight history showing it in SYF. It does go to SYA (Shemya). There is an air force station located there.

Someone along the line (pilot/dispatcher, flight service, or ATC) is mistyping the code. We’ve seen quite a few flights to KHNL and KANC.

Yep - my mistake (**my ****bad **in the forum vernacular)
KSYA - Shemya AB or PASY as it should be. Makes more sense with the flight profile/distances/times. Dont know why I read it as KSYF.

Thx IN