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No ADS-B data?

Hi All! I’m brand new here, and installed my Flight Feeder yesterday. I wonder if everything is operating the way it should, since my “MY ADS-B” page only shows flights and positions based on MLAT and “other” data… Or am I not reading it right?

Can you got through this process:
What is the Maximum Range I can Get?
Or just post your GPS position with 3 decimal places?

There aren’t really many ADS-B flight in your area, see this nearby station:

How is your view to the north?
Maybe there is some problem with the antenna installation resulting in bad reception.
Could you provide a photo of where you mounted your antenna, in case it’s a bad position i should be able to tell.
And try and answer this: how far to the horizon can you see when you stand next to your antenna?

You have a FlightFeeder so you can always ask FA for assistance via email: adsbsupport@flightaware.com

The antenna is attached to an existing mast I have on my roof housing a receiver for internet. It is at least 5.5 meters off the ground.

I’d recommend a stand-off so the antenna isn’t that close to the mast.

Right now the mast is blocking reception for about 1/3 of the sky i’d estimate.
The mast being so close might also change the antenna properties.

20 cm distance from the mast should be sufficient.

If you tighten the zipties too hard you can also damage the cable, but i doubt that being the issue.

The feeder close to you has most of his aircraft to the north, so i’d recommend putting the antenna on the north side of the mast.

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