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FlightFeeder Not Seeing All Aircraft

A buddy flew in for a visit. He had ADS-B turned on and he never appeared on my Skyview or in “My ADS-B.”

At one point he even flew right over my antenna.

What gives?

Are you sure?
Maybe he is using UAT 978 MHz, that is not covered by the FlightFeeder.

It shouldn’t have an effect if he flew so close, but your reception seems quite bad.

Why do you say my reception is bad? My Flightfeeder picks up planes as far as ~170 miles away.

I asked him multiple times if he had his ADS-B on and each time he affirmed it was.

ADS-B can be transmitted via 1090 MHz ES (what you are receiving) or via 978 MHz UAT (you are not receiving that).

So just because ADS-B is on, doesn’t mean you’ll receive his plane.

Compared it to other stations close to you.

It’s not really bad, but it isn’t good either.
If the antenna has a good view of the horizon, the reception should be better.

But it’s probably inside or there are trees or houses which block the antennas view on the horizon.
No worries :slight_smile:

If you let me know the tail, Mode S code, time and timezone, I can have a look at the logs to see if we heard anything.