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ADSB Feeder Skyview , Radio , MLAT , GPS Issue


FlighFeeder Skyview page , its not showing all aircrafts in the feeder range . Need to know why?
In live map there is alot aircrafts surround the ADSB receiver . Check below images.

And This Happens Sometimes Only
And In Status Page GPS : GPS/UTC Time Offset Unknown
Receiver more than 45ns from GPS time . Whats that meant by?
In Radio : Connected to receiver, but no recent data seen


Is your antenna mounted outside with a clear view in all directions?



Yes it is mounted in outdoor and cleared in all direction to the sky


All I can suggest is to check that all the coax connections are inserted properly and are screwed up tight.



Double Checked , Everything Sets Up Perfectly


Most likely a power supply issue.

Which receiver are you using?


I got this feeder yesterday , Version 10


Now Status Page all is green but the aircraft showing adsb radar is an issue. Missing so many aircrafts.


For flightfeeder there is actually an email address for you to get support if you received it from flightaware to feed for them.
The email address is adsbsupport@flightaware.com i believe :slight_smile:

Not sure it would receive anything if you were to connect the antenna to the wrong port but just in case i’ll link you the youtube video on where the cable from the antenna goes:


Yes I followed this video tutorial, Everything did what she said in that video. But dont know why its not showing all aircrafts in my range instead of 2 - 3 aircafts . I will send a mail to adsb support . Thank you Sir


Take a picture of the feeder and then another one of the antenna.

It will help them at the mail address too to diagnose the problem.
Or if you want just post them here too, probably everything is correct just to make sure.


Sounds like the GPS time is not set correctly. Your version of receiver might need clear view of the Sky too…
For my receiver I had setup my location manually on that receiver FlightAware webpage.


Status Page all green and fixed , Only issue with skyview radar , not showing all aircrafts in my range , only few ones


Here is the Antenna & Feeder status page


It’s hard to really see the surroundings of the antenna and the mounting is probably not optimal regarding view of the sky.
Imagine the antenna needs to “see” the airplanes like if you could look through clouds but not buildings / other stuff.

But there also seems to be a cable or other issue otherwise reception in at least one direction would be better

Also i mean a photo of how you connected the small blue box itself.
Are you sure you put the cable coming from the “big” antenna on the right port?

Also you can unscrew the cable and check for a bent pin for example. While screwing the connection the cable needs to be lined up nicely, not at an angle.


Here is the bluebox, If i mistake plugin the wrong port how can I see the few aircrafts in skyview ? Ugh! So its not a mounting issue , and im at a higher altitude so no worry abt other top buildings or other stuffs


The connections seem fine.

The trees around might be reducing reception though. Also i’m not sure if the antenna is really the highest thing on the structure it is installed on. Maybe another picture from further away? :slight_smile:

After further checking your location a bit it seems you don’t have too many airplanes around.
My guess is the system is working and you are only gonna improve it by mounting the antenna higher even if it’s just 1m or so with an additional mast so the antenna completely clears the building.

Additionally if the airplanes are far away and relatively low you won’t be able to see them because the curvature of the earth.

You can use this site to create a panorama (http://www.heywhatsthat.com/)
Then scroll down to the map and in the top right corner of that map select “Up in the air”
Zoom out and it will show you a ring how far you can see a plane that is 30000 feet high i believe.
Below the map you can change the altitude.


So I can only see the aircrafts with this doodled surroundings?
Im at the center of the two International Airport and this departure aircraft is coming online at airbourne FL010 !? Ugh? Cochin International Airport (VOCI) I cant see any approching aircrafts in adbs . So issue maybe with my site . Anyway Thank Sir for your valuable help :hugs: :heart:


Did you put in the elevation above ground?

Yes there are a lot of mountains to the east that block your view.

Additionally i still have the impression that getting a 1m long pipe and fixing that where you fixed the antenna and then putting the antenna on the pipe would improve things. But i’d need a better picture of where the antenna is mounted (from ground level maybe) to say how much it would help.

Edit: There are also a lot of smaller hills around you and yes they block your view. Remember you are trying to look really far :wink:


I dont think so with a 1M Pipe can solve this issue, East side have mountains , thats an issue.
I need to know any lightining issue will case this antenna? In some months in a year here is a lightining issues seasonly. Looks like this is a fiber type. And any improves will happen when I use a Mode-S Beast Minicircuits Band Pass Filter with ADSB!?