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Flight Feeder GPS Issue: Not tracking any satellites

I am facing the GPS issue with my flight feeder for quite some time now. It says ‘Not tracking any satellite’ with the flight feeder indicator in RED. I tried rebooting the flight feeder several times but no luck. I have not changed the existing installation of the antenna nor have been using any additional filter or amplifiers.
With due course of time I have also observed a drop in the average number of aircrafts tracked each day. The number of messages received per aircraft has also dropped significantly. I don’t know what is wrong now, maybe someone can help me here! Screenshot_20190630-202804_Chrome|281x500

Write a mail to adsbsupport@flightaware.com, they can help you with flightfeeder issues. You could also check if a connector has come loose or a cable has visible damage, if you not already have done so.

I am done with all the formalities of cross checking the antennna components and stuff bit not found anything significant. I sent an email too but have not received any satisfactory response from support yet. Still waiting, so turned up to the discussions page. According to previous posts, some people have opened up the antenna to get the GPS issue fixed, but I am unable to open up the antenna as it is quite tedious job.


I have a solution provided for you in the ticket where we have been troubleshooting the issue.

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Just saw your email. Thanks for a quick revert and the solution provided. I hope this will most probably solve the GPS issue!
Also I would like to mention here that there may be a challenge to the existing FlightFeeder antennas especially in the tropical regions with heavy rainfall like the ones here in India. The contamination of the antenna by moisture may be a big challenge to its longevity and the performance in a long run. Thus it is desirable that instructions on the appropriate means of making the antenna unit water-proof is also provided to the users along with the installation kit.

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