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FlightFeeder issues

As of a few days my FlightFeeder is not receiving any data.
I’ve contacted support via email, but the communication is very slow. Could be because I’m in NZ, we were able to exchange just 1-2 messages/day. Last time I got a reply, was more than 30hrs ago.

My status page is showing an amber tab for 1090 Radio, “Connected to Mode S receiver, but no recent data seen”.
I’ve checked my antenna connectors, looks everything OK, rebooted the receiver multiple times.
Support asked me to open the FA box and see if something got disconnected. -> Everything is OK.

I’ve installed linux on one of my laptops, and tested the FA antenna with one of my old RTL-SDR USB dongle. I’m able to receive data, so the FA antenna looks OK. I’m not able to test if the GPS antenna is working or not.

I assume that the Mode S receiver has an issue.

You know it’s Sunday?
That makes Friday your last reply.

Try powering it off (inc. the PSU) for ten minutes to let everything cool down, and try again.
I’ve done this when my PSU’s start to fail and they often work fine for a while.

For problems with a FlightFeeder, please write an Email to this address: adsbsupport@flightaware.com
It is Sunday(US time), as stated above, so you may now hear back from them until Tuesday (NZ time).

I’m aware of time difference guys.
@jonhawkes2030 that’s the email address I’m using to contact FA.

I was thinking that they have global support, covering different time zones.
Anyway, greetings from the future.