FlightFeeder ADS-B receiver not feeding FlightAware Warning

I’ve been feeding since February 10th 2014 and about once a month the FlightFeeder seems to mysteriously stop sending data to FlightAware. The receiver still seems to be operational as the network lights are still active however even by LAN the box is unresponsive. The only way to recover is to reboot the power supply. Since it happens just about every month the cause must be the same thing like a buffer or system log that fills up.

Since I pride myself at having a station that never goes down by way of having an UPS and a Deisel generator at the station location. The network is also fail-safe with dual redundant up-links and fail-over routing.

My questions are:

Is this a known problem?

Is there a fix?

Should I just reboot the radio once a month to keep the issue from occurring in the first place?

Why does is take a minimum 6 hours before an off-line notice is sent? Since someone is here all of the time a faster sent notice would allow us to reboot the receiver more quickly and not be down for over 6 hours.

The last 2 outages seem to be exactly a month apart…

Your receiver last connected to FlightAware on 21-Feb-2015 12:03PM.
Your receiver last connected to FlightAware on 21-Mar-2015 10:04AM.

The radio I have: ads-b.ca/fr24-fa-2.htm


FlightFeeder ADS-B receiver ‘1027’ not feeding FlightAware


We are doing our best to address this issue.

We have opened a case on your behalf. Your case number is 43429

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for doing that… Dave contacted me and we’re now chatting.


Hi all,

I too would prefer to select the time interval for the not-feeding alert. I have been recycling three headless original Pi B 256 and lose my wired connection running ifconfig shows no IP. Some work for a while and then dropout.

I run the receivers off powered hubs, have surge suppressors, all other functions work including X. I have to resort to a long HDMI cable and a wireless KB/mouse to work on it.

I will run memtester if only I could install SCP.

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RESOLVED! operator error!! password change at hub not updated at client! Self-inflicted.


This is site id: b8:27:eb:73:9b:50

I am experiencing a related problem. I have managed to succeed in keeping my feed going for nearly 175 days. I too use UPS to avoid interruption in service.

I updated the MLAT client yesterday but failed to update piaware. The feed stopped. I updated piaware today but the feed has not resumed according to the logs at the hub but my RPi is up and running and there are no error messages with the service restart command. Please advise.


Oops! correction.
The command
sudo /etc/init.d/piaware restart
fails stating “…failed to kill 3436: No such process” but then subsequently reports " ok ] Starting piaware server: piaware"

What should I check on the RPi?

with sudo piaware-status, I get the following:

dump1090 is running
faup1090 is running
piaware is not running
dump1090 is listening for connections onport 30005
faup1090 is listening for connections on port 10001
faup1090 is connected to port 3005
piaware is **NOT **connected to port 10001
piaware is **NOT **connected to FlightAware
dump1090 is producing data on port 30005
dump1090 is producting data on port 10001

I see the issue but I do not know how to fix it! :unamused:

Please help!

There’s a setting on your stats page for how quickly you’d like to be notified.