GPS Is Not Running(Not Tracking Any Satellites)

Good morning, Yesterday I’ve increased the ground elevation of my antenna after that GPS is not running. GPS status showing red in FlightFeeder Status page. What to do ? Any help would be appreciated.

The flightfeeder is reporting an antenna fault. What exactly did you change in the antenna path? Try reversing those changes.

Thank You for your reply. Yes due to some circumstances I’ve changed the path of the antenna. Is there any way to adjust with the new place /path ? Because old one has some issues.

What changes did you make? Be specific. The FlightFeeder is reporting an antenna fault - that means there is a problem somewhere between the FF and the active GPS antenna that is part of the hybrid antenna; so the problem is likely to be in whatever changes you made to the cabiling.

You can also mail, that is the preferred place to ask support questions about a FlightFeeder.

I shifted the place of the antenna (8 Feet towards south from the previous place)and the mounting height (previous it was on 16 feet PVC pipe now it’s on 20 feet). Also I’ve mailed them. Thank you For your reply.

Are you using exactly the same cable and other connectors as before?

Yes I’m using exactly the same components as before.

Hm, then the remaining explanations are a bad connection somewhere (doublecheck all your connections) or damage to the antenna or cabling when you moved it.

Yes checked several times both the connectors and also the antenna everything seems fine.

Update -

Restored the antenna to its previous location and elevation height. But problem remains same.

how’s your current GPS status? I am asking as I am having the same problem with yours. Relocate and elevated the antenna, GPS not do tracking anymore. Restored the location, still problem remains the same.

Hi make sure your cable isn’t faulty. What are the other status except GPS ??

Managed to get it working perfectly after open the antenna. Some contacts inside the antenna oxidized by moisture ingression. To my observation it was due to bad sealant between the PVC and the metal part. Cleaned it and reapply the new waterproof rubber silicone. Now everything is working fine.! thanks


Good to know that everything is working fine & thanks for sharing the trick with us. If you face same problem in future don’t hesitate to contact support team. They are lots of helpful people out there. Cheers.

I have the same problem. Right out of the box I am getting antenna error. What I noticed is that the antenna supplied to me is probably the wrong type (a green one with a thin bottom) and unlike the one shown in the photo above.
Contacted support thrice but no luck as yet

Anyone, anything? Support is silent too.

i did the same thing yet no change in the display . on the skyview page i could see only aircrafts within 50 nm and nothing beyond that !

i could see the screen as

but on my statistics page it says MLAT is synchronised as shown below. how come ??

help needed.


It looks like your site is not able to get the satellite GPS timing signal. FlightAware can synchronize using the local clock in the receiver but this is not as accurate as GPS timing. Once your site is synchronized with the FlightAware receiver network we can calculate MLAT positions.

The Antenna needs to be outside and have a clear view of the sky to see the GPS satellites. There might be other reason that the GPS signal is not being tracked but this is the most common one.
You can email for more support.

On your my-adsb stats page, we are showing that you have ADSB and MLAT planes tracked on your position and plane report. So your site is definitely setup correctly for MLAT with normal timing.

Hi my MLAT is synchronized but the GPS still remains on red. The light is continues res on the flight feeder. Would I be able to receive a new antenna from flight aware.

Faced with the same problem, after 2 months the moisture got into the antenna.