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Gps suddently off rest working

Hi does this sometimes happens after a new install or move?
everything works but it shows a orange light on screen saying gps is off
but receive planes but mlat and gps seems off after new site location moved antenna new spot.

Is ADS-B reception as good as before?

If it’s much worse, it’s possible you bent the cable or the connector isn’t making proper contact.

yes the message says time of gps is 45ns off against receievr now its back on there is sligth bending but coax not tight i ve seen in check it is just slite off from so no bends or anything it is hanging ok .
As there isnt much planes i will monitor and compare agianst prev instalation
I received a plane and lost at 140nm so wil compare it isnt much higher up maybe 2 times before also not ideal instal as next to wooden pole antenna 5cm or less from pole standing out some wind not touching pole but close wnated put on roof but cable was to short

If you didn’t power cycle it, it’s probably confused because it’s meant to be stationary.
At least that’s my guess.

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power cycle ?
and what do maintance last flight now 160nm dispeared