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hi all

i have flightfeedr , when i see on map local i cant see aircraft just when be Departure and arrival , Knowing flightfeeder coverage 450km ! . why i cant see other aircraft

looks different




I was surprised with the poor coverage too. Support told me that the flightfeeder needs a firmware patch to fix the problem.

thanks for reply …

what i do now ? did you fixed your problem ? and what you mean firmware patch .

Just need to wait. We can’t fix it. Everybody with the newer flightfeeders should have the same problem.

It is an update for the software. Flightaware will do it automatically when it is ready. Just keep your Flightfeeder connected up to internet. Should be soon.

okay i hope that,

how i know his update ?

Hi Ali,

A few minutes before your screenshot you were feeding us positions for IAW125, so it looks like it’s just a range issue on that flight.

You have our latest software and your user stats page shows you’re picking up aircraft out to 200+ miles which is very good.

We are continuing to work on the coverage and range of the receiver, and as long as your receiver is online you’ll receive the updates as they become available.

If you have any other issues with the receiver, please email them in to the address printed on the receiver.

Hi Ali,

Please refer to your case we filed. We will do our best to resolve this issue.


thanks for replying , yes the coverage its good now after i put the antenna in Horizontal , see the images …

antenna .




but its not in 100% , am waiting updating

thanks i sent