Antenna Issue

Hi, I have a question regarding the antenna and information recived by it.
Today i was comparing my information with information provided by other pages.

Even if my antenna is receiving information from long distances sometimes it does not show several flights even from close locations and that allready
that apear on pages like flightradar24.

Should it be because of the antenna or what other issues can be involved ??

i ’ have an image showin this issie, but iwas not able to find how to upload it to the Forum

Every aircraft is sending its ADS-B information on the same frequency – imagine you are at a party in a big room and everyone is talking at the same time. You may be able to hear and understand quite a few people around you. Someone standing just a few feet from you may not be able to hear and understand that same set of people; they may be able to hear and understand a different set, yet both of you are in the same room with the same conversations going on.

This happens with ADS-B, a lot of planes talking at about the same time, and your ADS-B receiver hears and understands a certain subset of those planes. Another ADS-B receiver in the area may hear and understand a different subset.

And there are many issues, starting with how many planes are talking, how far away they are, then moving to your ADS-B receiver an the antenna you are using, the sensitivity and selectivity of the receiver, and more.

Have fun

–bob k6rtm

Thanks for your fast answer, I understand what you explain to me, but that takes me to another question.
Some aircraft takes 10 to 15 minutes or more to fly over my covered area.

I supose that in some moment I should be able to hear something about those missed planes. Should’nt I ?
Maybe not in the first positions of my covered area but yes on some place of it .

Kind regards

It depends if those aircraft are transmitting positional information, or not

If you are running your receiver on a raspberry Pi - and look at the web page that comes out of DUMP1090. The table on the right shows planes in green - these are transmitting where they are and are the ones shown on the map. The ones in white don’t say where they are - just what height they are and can’t be plotted so simply.

The way the ones in white are plotted is by several people with receivers working together and form the signal delays calculating where the plane is - this is called multilateration or MLAT for short.

Excelent!! thanks for that information , now I know about Mlat , i will look for more infotmation about it just for self Knowledge