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My ads-b is only receiving positions within 40 miles


I just setup my Piaware receiver and I am only picking up positions within 40 miles. Could it be an antenna placement issue or might the cable be bad?


more info please.

which stick, which antenna, preferably a picture of the antenna installation.

probably with that bad reception it is multiple factors.


Oh sure…sorry. I have the blue Flightaware Pro stick plus and the 26" 1090MHz ADS-B antenna. The antenna is not mounted very high…maybe only 4 meters off the ground. This is my location: 50.40328, -104.6349


That sounds like it should produce MUCH better results.

How long is the cable run and which adapters if any?


We can see it here:

First: It matters if you are above the surrounding obstacles. Are you?


The cable is the TRENDnet Low Loss Reverse SMA Female to N-Type Male Weatherproof Connector Cable (8M, 26.2ft.) TEW-L208


Reverse SMA. That could be the problem.
Do you have something to convert reverse SMA to SMA?

See here for more info


That’s the issue. The cable is for WiFi, it doesn’t have the central pin.


There are only some trees around me and low houses.


So I purchased the wrong cable? Can you recommend the proper cable for me?


the cable connecting to the dongle needs a central pin in it.

if you are careful you can put a piece of copper rod in and it might work :slight_smile:


Add a pin in between. I used a short piece of copper wire before.
Just don’t use too much force, if the pin is too long, jut cut it shorter!


Ok!!! Thanks for the advice guys…I would have banged my head for days over this!!!


The other end of the cable is good though? The end that attaches to the antenna?


yes N-type male is correct fitting on the N-type female of the FA antenna :slight_smile:

you might be also able to get an adapter if you want something more permanent than a copper pin :slight_smile:

(although i’m sure it could work just fine if you find the right diameter of solid copper wire.)

this is the kind of adapter you would need
or this one

just the first i found so you can look at the picture.


Perfect!!! Thanks so much!!!:grin:


Bingo!!! Amazing what a small piece of copper can do!!! Many thanks :pray:


You stats page provides information about the feeders near your location.
You should be able to receive similar aircraft and range to them.

Check the posts for gain optimisation. That is probably your next best step to improve range and aircraft numbers,

You will also get a feel for aircraft busy times.
Be careful on the stats page. Some are local time whilst others are UTC/GMT.


If your antenna clears the buildings and is mounted correctly you should have really good range:

This is a site to show the horizon, on the map select “up in the air” and then zoom out until you see the rings.


(already put in your location)

Also looking at your stats my guess would be an adapter would probably be better than the piece of wire :wink:
No guarantees though :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice. I will use the piece of wire for now, but I will get myself an adapter. Also I will change the placement of the antenna in the spring…kinda cild here right now so it’s a temporary placement. I will mount high on my roof once the snow melts. That should make things much better. There already is a 100% improvement with just the wire mind you.