how many rang of flightfeedr aware !


hi all , i have new flightaware feeder and he is very tired me many problems have , anyway how many rang flightfeedr ? :question:

the aircraft seen only when landing final , look on pic .

see the flightradar24 .

in fact , after the many problems with flightfeeder i did not liked , i was have flightradar24 its very good and never get any problems , only with flightfeeder aware . But unfortunately flightradar24 is disrupt Because of the electricity .


With any ADS-B receiver and a suitable antenna, you should be able to receive basically anything within line of sight of the antenna. Click on “Up in the air” on the top right of the map display and zoom out, it will display rings for your line-of-sight range for aircraft at 10000ft / 30000ft. Looks like you should have at least 200 mile range.

If you’re only seeing stuff that’s right on top of you, then you probably have a receiver or antenna problem. (But we’ve been over that a few times in your other threads already)


thanks for answer i dont know what i do :cry: ! , i dont know where the problems


And neither do we. Contact FlightAware.


i contact via email but not respond from yesterday


your feeder was actualy working on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday it saw very few aircraft Tuesday it saw the most 16 , I would sugest you check yor cable terminations I notice another antenna there looks like one supplied by flight radar24 if they have the same conectors try the other antenna on your flight feeder