New PiAware user and will not allow me to claim


I set up my PiAware per the instructions and started it up, upon first clicking on the claim link it found the PiAware on my network and said stats would show in 30 min. After an hour no stats are found, if I go to the stats page and view newest ADS-B I can see my unit (exact time connected and location) It is transmitting data and still show “unclaimed” but If I click to claim the unit, it takes me to a screen to select data source, I choose PiAware and then it says no need to register click here to claim. I do that and it says NO NEW PiAware units located, underneath that it shows one PiAware linked to my account already and again when I click to view stats it shows nothing?

Why is my unit showing on my network but not linking to my account?

Try setting the password using section 3 and 4 of this

sudo piaware-config -user HorizonAirCharter -password
sudo /etc/init.d/piaware restart

Enable MLAT and set your receiver location so that MLAT will work correctly.
(here … AirCharter )
You can get it from or any other similar application.

I have done this however it is still not showing under my stats page. I am having the same issue, if I try to claim it says no new ADS-B found however it shows the one already linked to my account but nothing under stats and shows Unclaimed if you pull the actual list of recently added ADS-B

It looks like it is working now.

Try to set the receiver location so that MLAT works.